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Arlinda Cantu

Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor




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the goals of cantu fitness


To motivate people to live a more active, and healthy lifestyle.


To inspire people to believe in themselves. By working on the outside through fitness, and sports, you will gain awareness of your inner spirit as well.

Long Term Health and Pain Relieve

To reduce the potential for long-term health and joint problems, relieve pain in every day actives, through fitness and better body mechanics .


I"m Arlinda Cantu, owner and operator of Cantu Fitness.

Being involved in athletics from a very young age,I participated in various sports from track and field, tennis, martial arts, and bike racing. I've experienced the exhilaration, and excitement of playing competitive sports, and also experienced the excruciating pain from sports injuries. What I learned was that rehab. only focuses on rehabilitating the injured body part, not the whole body, which lead to an injury cycle. Injuries cause muscle imbalances, causing bio-mechanical insufficiency leading to more injuries. After many years of sports injuries, surgeries and chronic pain, I decided there must be a better way, which lead me from being an architectural designer and general contractor to the health and fitness industry and the studying of Body Mechanics and Human Movement Science.

I received my Personal Training Certifications form National Academy of Sports Medicine with advanced specialty certifications in Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, and Weight Loss. I'm also a Certified Elite Fitness Trainer from the International Sports Science Association with advanced specialty certifications in Performance Nutrition, and Exercise Therapy. PMA Certified Pilates Instructor, Cancer Exercise Specialist  from the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, Certified Tai Chi Instructor and Functional Aging Specialist from the Functional Aging Institute, and a Lifestyle Fitness Coach.

With over 18 years of working in the Fitness Industry, I have had the pleasure of training a wide variety of people from elite athletes, aspiring bodybuilders, people who just want to lose weight and get healthy, people with disabilities to seniors who would like to regain their balance, and strength along with improving their mobility.

Everyone has a goals, and with my  proper guidance, tools, and strategies, you will achieve your health and fitness goals through a balanced program that is based on working out the whole persons Body, Mind, And Spirit .

                                                               THIS  WAY YOU WILL SUCCEED!!

Our mission

It's my desire at Cantu Fitness to get people involved not only in the fitness revolution but the spiritual revolution as will. Body, Mind, and Spirit, (athletes know this as being in the zone!) to take fitness, exercise, and sports to a higher dimension and begin to really get to know yourself, test your limits, and discover what you are made of, as you become both physically and mentally fit for the game of life, without pain. Help inspire clients to take the Lead and be the Hero in their own story. 

The celebration of being fully alive, health, and fit.

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the person you are meant to be.

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At Cantu Fitness, each client will receive a detailed Fitness Assessment, the purpose is to identify altered movement patterns and postural deviations that can lead to faulty body mechanics, which can increase stress in the joints that can lead to chronic pain, and possible injury, affecting every action from daily actives to athletic pursuits. Muscle imbalances can be the result of everyday activities, occupations, past injury, surgery, or simple habitual movement patterns. This is why you need a Fitness Professional that has the experience, knowledge and technical skills of a Personal Trainer, and Pilates Instructor that well go beyond doing as many reps. as possible or pushing the biggest weight. It's always about working out the whole body, not just body parts.

We understand each person has a unique body, their own personal goals, and challenges they will have to confront on their fitness journey. I am committed to helping you by passing along knowledge, positive energy, and the type of motivation you need to have a successful journey to become the person you are meant to be.

Through Personal Training, Pilates, Corrective Exercise, and or Lifestyle Fitness Coaching, together we can achieve your fitness goals.

Choosing Your Fitness Goals

Weight Loss

No more fad diets, no more disappointment. The focus is on good nutrition along with cardio and resistance training. You will learn to choose healthier foods, reduce your caloric intake, and increase your overall metabolism.

Strengthening and Conditioning

Get those 6-pack abs, bulging biceps, perfect pecs you've always wanted, our become lean and torn! With this program, you will maximize your metabolism, and get the definition you've always wanted.

Sports Performance

Jump higher, run faster, take your game to the next level! This training is designed for athletes who want to perform better in their sport, learn proper body mechanics and form which will help prevent sports injuries.


This interim program will correct altered movement patterns created by past injuries and get you back into the gym safely after completion of physical therapy for an injury or joint replacement surgery.

Corrective Exercises

Correcting muscular imbalances and weaknesses that lead to inefficient joint functions, pain, and injuries prevention is the focus. By correcting body alignment, the body will function more effectively while eliminating pain, allowing the body to perform at its best.

Fall Prevention and Balance

Emphasis is on strategies that reduce the risk of falling while developing strength, flexibility, and mobility. This is for older adults, or people who have had disabilities such as strokes, visual impairment, and neuromuscular diseases will benefit from this program.


"Ms. Cantu has changed my life. She embodies the slogan of "whatever it takes to make you better". Early morning wake up calls, late night check in calls, none of it was too much for Miss Cantu, if it would keep me on track. Her knowledge of nutrition, anatomy, and kinesiology is superior, and she is able to convey that knowledge to the lay person in a way that is clear and concise. Miss Cantu is more than a personal trainer she is a life coach. Working with Arlinda Cantu has truly made a difference in the way that I live".

- Lynn M. Farrell

"I've work with trainers before but I learned more in my first session training with Arlinda than I have learned from all my other trainings combine. She has also been very helpful in designing a better fitness program for me and I've already seen results in just a few weeks".

- Catrin Alladad

"It is with great delight, I recommend  Arlinda Cantu as and extra ordinary, competent and inspiring Personal Trainer/ Pilates instructor. I am 62, disabled by MS, arthritis and persistent pain. However, Arlinda motivates me with humor, clear instruction and a tenacious confidence. The good news is I am improving! Away from the gym her witty quotes resonant in my head. I stand taller, walk more efficiently and find greater reserves of energy. Arlinda has comprehensive experience in addressing everything from the sports injury,  professional athletes, to the various medical challenges of people like me. She knows first hand the problems of post surgery rehabilitation. I am grateful for the way she carefully observes my current condition, stretches my limits and always has an alternative exercise for weak areas. I really enjoy our Arlinda's explanations of muscle groups and their function; her many anatomy lessons help me envision the particular area's on which we are working. She encourages better breathing techniques, expertly massages out knots, and is supportive on hard days. And our laughter is potent good medicine!" 

- LeAnn Redford

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